Welcome to Arasie Bee!


Welcome to Arasie Bee! We are an online event planning resource geared to helping you host the best event possible. After running a successful event planning business for a number of years, I understand that not everyone can afford to call in a professional to assist with their wedding or baby shower.

This is where Arasie Bee can help!

On my blog you will see quite a variety of material, but here are some of the overarching themes:

  • Food From Down Home to Gourmet, this girl likes to cook and eat! I will show you how to cater a menu for any occasion and never break a sweat. Because honestly, no one looks good in a hair net.
  • Decor From tablescapes to room design, I will be show you a ton of ways to save money while dazzling your guests.
  • Becoming an Event Planner Do you want to be an event planner? Stay tuned for my e-course on How to be a Event Planner 101.
  • Event Inventory What do you need to make it big with events? We will cover table cloths, tables, chairs, inventory lists and storage, among many other things that are essential to keep in your event planner arsenal.
  • Booking Clients How to find, keep, and re-book clients!
  • Contracts This can be scary for event planners who are just starting out. Let’s pull back the veil and learn the legalities of business together.
  • Event Site Scouting How to spot the perfect location, at the right price.

And so much more…. like literally so much.

Dandelion Logo Cropped

Once again, I want to welcome you to my blog, my virtual classroom, and to Arasie Bee.

Bee Blessed,



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