Fireworks and Firewood: Your Fourth of July Dreamscape Guide

Has this ever happened to you?

A few days before a major holiday you get a phone call from the designated relative or friend that hosts said holiday, informing you that for whatever reason they can’t host and they need to have  the event at your house instead. Of course you agree, cause your always willing to offer a helping hand but inside your screaming….


I’ve been there, several times in fact. All those last minute preparations over the years helped me to distinguish what matters and what doesn’t when it comes to throwing the perfect bash. So for this Fourth of July, don’t sweat the small stuff. Check out the awesome Dreamscape guide I have for you, and enjoy being the talk of the town with your loved ones rave reviews!


The key to any great event consists of a simple formula:

Comfortable Atmosphere + Great Food & Drink + Seamless Design = Perfect Party

Inside we are all still 5 year old’s that function based on the premise that as long as we are not too cold (or hot), hungry, thirsty, or tired (bored) we are usually pretty okay. That being said, the goal of any good party should be to keep people fed, hydrated, engaged, and comfortable.

I have designed an awesome Dreamscape called Fireworks and Firewood that I think fits the bill for an epic 4th of July Bash!

This carefully designed holiday themed vision board takes the guess work out and leaves more time for watching fireworks and sipping mimosas by the pool! A combination of savory grilled meats make up the menu alongside succulent sides such as fire roasted corn and slow cooked baked beans (that you just throw in the crockpot and forget about!) Add some fresh fruit and frosty cocktails and the day’s fixing come together in a snap!

Some of the  Menu Ideas in Fireworks and Firewood Include:

On the design front, the decor in Fireworks and Firewood is centered around comfort and relaxation. Rustic tablecloths crafted from bandannas combine beautifully with fresh (or fake) flowers set in mason jars for a down home American feel.

Outdoor string lights or Edison bulbs (check out My Deck Renovation post to see a set of these in action!) are a must when hosting an evening event. You could also use solar powered lights for garden use. Beautiful and no spike in your electricity bill? I’d say that’s a win for sure!

Check out all the full list of Dreamscapes and other design inspirations on our Pinterest page, Arasie Bee Company!

Bee Blessed,



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