Welcome to Arasie Bee!

Our Mission:

As a premier online event planning resource, we strive to provide exceptional and innovative content that helps you design the event of your dreams without breaking the bank.


Our History:

After being a partner in a successful event planning business for several years in the Atlanta, Georgia area, I found a need to offer more to my clients then simple event planning services.

Many of my clients had the desire to learn more about the business of event planning, and how they could earn extra money by offering services for their friends or family members.

Further still, I had many prospective clients who loved my work but unfortunately could not afford the cost of a professionally designed and managed event.

PRO TIP: Not everyone can afford to call in a professional to assist with their special function or party but that doesn’t mean that they can’t  have a great event!

This hunger for knowledge and need for affordable event ideas sparked the idea for Arasie Bee in June 2018. I realized the usefulness of an online event planning resource that anyone could access to learn inside tricks and tips of the event planning business and save tons of money in the process.


On my blog you will see quite a variety of material, but here are some of the overarching themes:

  • Food From Down Home to Gourmet, this girl likes to cook and eat! I will show you how to cater a menu for any occasion and never break a sweat. Because honestly, no one looks good in a hair net.
  • Decor From tablescapes to room design, I will be show you a ton of ways to save money while dazzling your guests. Makes sure to check out the Dreamscapes tab for helpful themed design inspiration boards.
  • Becoming an Event Planner Do you want to be an event planner? Stay tuned for my e-course on How to be a Event Planner 101 coming out in Fall 2018!
  • Event Inventory What do you need to make it big with events? We will cover table cloths, tables, chairs, inventory lists and storage, among many other things that are essential to keep in your event planner arsenal.
  • DIY Learning how to save big bucks by creating one of a kind events on a budget with DIY tips and tricks.

And so much more…..

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Once again, I want to welcome you to my blog, my virtual classroom, and to Arasie Bee.

Bee Blessed,